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Memphis Airport Authority - Concourse B Modernization Memphis, Tennessee

Furnished & Installed Exterior Curtain Walls, VIEW Electrified Smart Glazing

On the grounds of the Memphis International Airport, you will find the newly modernized Concourse B, one of the airport’s three original concourses from the early 1960s. The new concourse features high ceilings, expansive natural light, open and inviting interior spaces, and a facility design that meets modern seismic standards.

Tull partnered with the Memphis International Airport to provide over 40,000 square feet of exterior glazing facade, which comprises virtually 100% of the vertical building envelope. In order to achieve these 20-foot unencumbered vistas, Tull used industry-leading curtain wall manufacturer KAWNEER to construct the backbone of the glazing system. The framing system was then diligently engineered in concert with the building structure to meet the region’s most stringent modern seismic requirements. Throughout Concourse B, you will also see Tull’s work in its ultra-modern View Dynamic glazing, which enables the Airport Authority to control light and temperature based on a system integrated with real-time weather forecasting, onsite optical sensors, and facility lighting that maximizes natural light. As a whole, Concourse B has helped the Memphis International Airport establish itself as a leading commercial travel facility in the United States.