It’s in our name, and it’s in our blood. Tull is a family. It’s a brotherhood. It’s a place where people fellowship, flourish, and thrive. We look out for each other, celebrate each other’s successes, and encourage one another through each stage of life. Tull means family, and family means staying open to each other.
Born in the 1930s to Fred J. and Bertha Tull, brothers Ray and Sam had a quaint upbringing in the rural community of Bethel Springs, Tennessee. This area is where they would spend their childhoods and remain through high school. Ray would go on to serve his country in the U.S. Army while Sam would choose to carry on his educational endeavors at Memphis State University.

The brother’s separation would only last a few years until they found themselves together again starting their construction careers at Binswanger Glass Company of Memphis, Tennessee. Throughout the late 1950s, they would hone their skills in the glazing industry together, building the foundations of knowledge needed to begin Tull Brothers. Over the course of those years working away from Memphis, they began to see opportunities in rural communities where they work. One such area was northeast Mississippi, where having a full-service glass shop had the potential to serve the community well. After much consideration, soul searching and support from their wives, Joyce and Barbara, Ray and Sam took the monumental step of starting Tull Brothers Glass Co., Inc. in Corinth, Mississippi in 1962.

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The first few years were challenging, as with any new venture, but by 1970 the first branch operation in Collierville, Tennessee was established. Ray relocated his family to Collierville in order to operate the new branch. Sam remained behind in Corinth to run the Corinth operation. In the late 70s and 80s, the brothers’ sons would begin to enter the business. Ray’s sons, Greg and Tim, became increasingly involved in the Collierville operation, while Sam’s sons Sam Jr., Fred and Michael were likewise doing the same at the Corinth branch. The company would continue to grow in its market. In the late 90s, Ray decided to relinquish his ownership share in the business and sold out to his brother Sam, leaving him as the sole stockholder of Tull Brothers.

Building on previous successes, Tull Brothers embarked again upon expansion beginning in the early 2000s. Operations started in Jackson, Tennessee in 2001 and later in Tupelo, Mississippi in 2004. As these branches developed and had a well-established presence in their markets, Tull Brothers was once again looking to expand. An opportunity in 2012 would allow Tull Brothers to acquire Commercial Door & Hardware of Meridian, Mississippi, followed by Thrasher Architectural Hardware of Jackson, Mississippi in 2014. These acquisitions in conjunction with Tull’s extended network of branch offices have allowed Tull to serve its customers as a Premier Division 8 Sub-Contractor and Material Supplier in the Southeast U.S. and the Caribbean.

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The company has always been grounded on trust . I was committed to making sure that we were able to carry that tradition of integrity .
Dad was able to instill that in me .” – Fred Tull
Ray and Sam have been steadfast in their stewardship of the business from the beginning. Even when Ray stepped back from his ownership role, it did not detour him from his commitment to remain active in the business, which he did so until his passing in February of ‘18. Sam remains active in the business today as owner and CEO. Ray and Sam’s resolute vision to serve their customers and community with the highest standards has brought Tull Brothers, Inc. to where it is today and remains the guiding principle for Tull and all who follow.


We understand that relationships–like the doors and windows we install–are the openings through which we can build what lasts.