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Central Station Curio by Hilton Memphis, Tennessee

Furnished and Installed Historical Steel Doors, Windows Skylights, Modern Glazing

Located in Memphis’s South Main district, Central Station Curio by Hilton is a renovated historic building-turned-luxury-hotel that has served an array of purposes over the years. As city planners, designers, and architects envisioned how the building would function as a luxury hotel, they wanted to ensure that the building’s past and legacy would remain at the forefront of this innovative remodel.

Tull worked with the Curio team to preserve the building’s facade while installing HOPE hot rolled steel doors, windows, and skylights. These features beckon back to the building’s heritage, all while maintaining superior weather seal and insulation value. Tull’s approach to maintaining the building’s twentieth century charm also maximized natural light exposure, which made historic building features even more apparent. As a result, Tull’s partnership with Curio and all other commissioned parties enabled a historic reimagining to come to life.